Apple iOS 13.5 rolled Out for Users with Covid-19 Specific Features

apple ios 13.5

After several testing, the company has officially released the update for Apple iOS 13.5 publicly, which now includes features created by the company to decrease the spread of COVID-19. According to the latest reports outed, an improvement in the exposure of notifications has been added and a Face ID enhanced to the version of the operating system, due to the use of masks by users after the Coronavirus pandemic.

The new operating system support also includes the implementation of a special monitoring called Exposure Notification API, developed by Apple in conjunction with Google, which will help monitor for COVID-19 infection. The feature offers iPhone users the ability to occasionally share anonymous device identifiers and different wireless proximity data across iOS and Android devices. The Apple collaborate with Google to invent the API to track of contacts by public health agencies fighting the spread of the new coronavirus. To use this API, you need a third-party app developed by a public health agency. No apps have been released yet, but iOS devices users can already access a setting called “Covid-19 Contact Logging”.

In addition to this API and the resolution of the performance bug, there are many other innovations that are attached in the notes that accompany this update. There are as follows:

apple ios 13.5

Face ID

  • Simplified unlock process for Face ID devices when wearing a face mask.
  • Password field is automatically presented after swiping up from the bottom of the lock screen when wearing a face mask.
  • Also works when authenticating with App Store, Apple Books, Apple Pay, iTunes and other apps that support Face ID login.


  • Option to control automatic prominence in FaceTime group calls so that video tiles don’t resize when a participant speaks.

Emergency Services

  • Exposure Notification API to support COVID-19 contact tracking apps from public health authorities.


  • Addresses an issue in which users may see a black screen when trying to play videos from some websites
  • Fixed an issue in the shared sheet where hints and actions might not load.
apple ios 13.5

Now, the Apple iOS 13.5 Face ID will detect if you are wearing a mask and will cancel the attempt to Face Unlock, showing the fastest keyboard. The same goes for the iPad Pro, which also has this type of biometrics. From now on, the system will be able to quickly recognize a face that uses a facial mask, eliminating certain problems that the system has had in recent months.

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