Android Malware Alert –apps over 500 million installs hiding adware

android malware selfie

Google has removed malware infected apps from its Play Store that has been hiding adware, and have been installed by millions of users. Two Selfie apps and four VPN apps were infected with android malware and was downloaded 500 million times. Andy Michael, a security researcher said, HotSpot VPN, Secure VPN, Free VPN Master, and CM Security Applock AntiVirus were found to have adware.

Two selfie apps - Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera were also found to have adware and Wander's security researchers discovered those apps to be installed around 1.5 million times.  The apps even continued to display ads when the app remained unopened. These apps seemed more dangerous like recording audios without the user's permission, force fake alerts, automatically installing shortcuts after restarting or not restarting the smartphone.

These apps have been already removed from Google Play Store and advised users who installed them on their devices to delete them immediately. Although the adware may appear to be harmful compared to other types of android malware, users should remain cautious. This malware can interrupt the user's daily activities, drain the battery from devices and share user's information to NSFW websites or even causing users to replace their devices entirely.

Android users should keep in mind that adware hidden on their devices is still android malware that displays users with unwanted ads on the screen while disguising as genuine applications or programs. As always, the creators of android malware make money from the harassment of users with hidden adware. To prevent malware from your smartphone, think twice before installing them, read its terms and conditions before accepting and skip the download if you feel that you need permission to load any adware in the app.

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