Android adware apps found in Play Store. Delete them immediately!

android malware apps

Malicious apps continue to pop up in Google Play Store every time. Sophos, a security research firm found 15 intrusive adware apps. Users are advised to find and remove them immediately. Google officially removed these android adware apps from its Play Store. Android users have difficulty finding these apps from the launcher, because it hides its icons.  To remove them, go to app settings page and delete immediately.

Sophos Labs recently discovered android adware 15 apps on Google's Play Market that engage in such practices; They generate frequent, large, intrusive ads and literally hide their app icons in the launcher in order to make it difficult for you to find and remove them. Several of them go a step further by disguising themselves in the phone's App settings page", as reported by Sophos.
Up to 1.3 million devices have installed at least one of each app in their Android smartphones. If a user launched an app, it shows a message “This app is incompatible with your device!” You might think the app crashed, as it redirects you to Play Store and launches Google Maps. What it actually does is misled you into thinking that the ubiquitous Maps app is the cause of the problem.

Andrew Brandt, Principal Researcher, Sophos Labs reported, "It is not. This is a ruse". Android users can’t see the app icon on launcher app tray, because they are hidden.  9 apps are deceptive application icons and names "most of which appeared to have been chosen because they might plausibly resemble an innocuous system app”.

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