Android 10 is released with new advanced features

Android 10 - Google has unveiled its latest mobile operating system. Google Pixel Series smartphones have been made available in the operating system. Let’s catch a look at what features Google has added to Android in the new update.

  • Live Caption - This is an option to show titles for videos playing on a smartphone. That enables to put subtitles for the video we shoot without the help of the internet. It also provides subtitles for audio records and podcasts.
  • Smart Reply - Smart Reply is the most important of the features included in Android 10. This feature lets the software automatically respond to the messages and e-mails that come to your phone. There are several types of messages to pick from the smartphone.
  • Sound Amplifier - There is a built-in amplifier inside the Android 10 operating system. This is a system that indicates background noise to some degree of sound. The company claims that it is very useful when making phone calls from busy places.
  • Gesture navigation - Google launches Gesture-Based Navigation via Android 9 Pie. The company updates Gesture Navigation System when it comes to Android 10. The Gesture Navigation is set to switch between apps with the right swipe, the left with the left swipe and the left with the left swipe and the new gesture is fast, smooth and much easier.
  • Dark Theme - Android 10 also allows the option of Dark Theme or Dark Mode which can be enabled all the time or through a schedule. This is the option that makes the UI black overall, Google claims that the system will also help save the battery life of smartphones in addition to the visual quality.
Android 10
  • Privacy Controls - Google claims that Android 10 is made more important to users' privacy than the previously released Android operating system. Privacy settings are designed so that the user can control the permissions and data accessed by the apps.
  • Locations Controls – Android 10 users can choose the location data that is shared with the apps. It includes three options - Always, Never and When the app is in use and Google will also remind you that apps they are not using actively but using location data but they can decide if they want to continue sharing their data.
  • Security Updates - Android 10 offers the best security updates for all smartphones. Once the security patches are installed, there is no need to reboot the phone on Android 10 like other operating software. Security updates are available directly from the Google Play System Update.
  • Focus Mode - Focus mode on Android 10 is about the choice of apps with Digital Wellbeing. It is a system of selecting apps that require access in a specific period of time such as messaging or news app or pause them with a single tap.
  • Family Link - Family Link is now a part of all the devices operating on Android 9 or 10. Parents can use these tools to set daily screen time limits, device bedtime, time boundaries on specific apps, and more for their kids. It can also review the apps children install on their devices and see their usage on time.

Android 10 provide a new 65 new emojis includes 56 gender emojis also. It also supports direct audio streaming to hearing aid devices such as ReSound LinX Quattro and Beltone Amaze hearing aids.

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