Amazon's Echo Buds: Are they a good alternative to Apple's AirPods?

With the arrival of its second-generation Echo Buds, Amazon has come really close to giving the best with the audience preference. They are very fit and sound fantastic, and sell many AirPods at a cheaper price.

Here are some precautions to be taken before putting on Echo Buds.

First, download the Amazon Alexa app, where you can configure your Echo Buds settings such as the equalizer or mute your mic. It is time to wear them until they are found and matched with your mobile phone.

The Echo Buds come in four sizes with earrings, range from additionally small to large and two (small and large) wing sizes to make sure they match well. The Alexa application includes an "ear tip fittest" when you are set up, in which you can play audio to find out how well the Echo Buds fit.


Often, because of active noise cancelation, the sound is really strong, so that you can hear what's inside your buds and avoid outside sounds. Even, if you want to hear the ambient sound somehow, there is a funny alternative.

Basic features

The Echo Buds also have some basic features to press on the right or left earbud. You can tap once, for example, to interrupt a song or to skip twice. You can also quickly press and hold the active noise cancelation but you can customize it for tasks like adjusting your volume and changing your microphone using the Alexa app.

Echo Buds support Alexa so that when you are listening to music, you can seamlessly demand the Amazon virtual assistant. Amazon will be launching a VIP filter later this year to select which mobile notifiers you want to hear.

The wired $119.99 charging case and wireless $139.99 alternative are available for Echo Buds wireless version. Echo Buds are easy for both to handle quickly for your next company. Amazon said that if you have the wireless charging case you would get up to 5 hours of music streaming per charge and 15 hours.

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