Amazon’s Alexa is About to Infer your Search to Guess your Next Query

Inventing new ways to handle Amazon’s Alexa has been hard. Amazon’s AI assistant has several skills from which most are unwanted and the useful ones are hard to find from the list. Even though, they have launched a new feature to surface skills by guessing what the users usually do after talking to Alexa. 

 Amazon calls the process “Inferring customers’ latent goals.” that is they work out questions that are related to other queries. Just as they put in their example “How long does it take to steep tea?” to which Alexa will answer “five minutes” before asking the follow-up: ”Would you like me to set a timer for five minutes?”


Amazon's Alexa


Yeah! it sounds good, but, it is highly possible to become annoying. Think of a person in hurry asks for something and Alexa starts to infer incorrect suggestions for it. It seems to be really annoying and irritating when you are in a difficult situation. Just as colliding with an advertisement in between your research. The same feature is available in English in the US for Alexa customers over there. 

The implementation of this new function determines whether it will be useful or not. Anyhow, this function is a part of talking to Alexa more naturally, which has been a long-term aim of Amazon. They have announced new abilities to Alexa like changing tones, ask question clarification, new conversation mode, and more, earlier this year. Let us wait and see how this function of Amazon's Alexa going to turns out for each one of us. 

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