Amazon Alexa can be added with your favorite skills by downloading

Alexa, the virtual assistant developed by Amazon is being integrated everywhere from smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart home gadgets, etc. Alexa users can extend Alexa’s capabilities by installing "skills" that enable you to play games, listen to your favorite music, audiobook, weather programs, daily workout routines, and your daily activities. If you are using smart tech, you can switch on/off lights in your home, operate a vehicle, close smart doors and enable your security systems.

Amazon Alexa

You can download skills for your favorite Alexa device as the same way you’d download apps for your smartphone and it’s easy to install as well. For example, if you have sleeping disorders and want to relax and calm down with some refreshing ocean sounds, you can add such a skill to enable it.

  • Open Alexa app on your smartphone and tap 3-line menu icon on the top left corner and choose "Skills and Games".
  • Choose "Discover" or Categories and on the Skills and Games screen type "Ocean Fields" on the search field.
  • After results pop, you get a bunch of ocean sound-related results, where you can pick any one of them from the 150 results. If you choose one, the page redirects and shows the description on that skill including a link to the developer’s privacy policy and terms of use, and customer ratings.
  • If you pick a skill from the search results, just tap the “Enable to Use” button and that’s it. Ask “Alexa, open Ocean Sounds" and chill out.

For desktop,

  • Open Amazon page and directly go to Alexa skills page. Choose the left side navigation bar and tap Skills and search "Ocean Sounds" on the search bar.
  • Search the best skill and install. Easy as pie.
Amazon alexa desktop

You can choose your skill with your voice as well. Ask "Alexa, enable" and create the name of your skill or you can ask Alexa about some skills. It is quite easy and faster to search for skills on your smartphones or desktop.

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