Airpeak – A Filmmaking Drone by Sony

Today, drones are popular for photography applications where the aim is for a perfect shot. Recently, Sony has introduced an Airpeak Drone integrating Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics for its users. It seems to be better hardware for photographers and video content creators.

The drone was developed in consideration of their new business of professional photography. These small drones make use of Alpha mirrorless cameras and AI to keep the images ready as it files through the atmosphere. Sony said that they have developed such a drone technology intending to achieve the best out of it.

ony shows off its own drone 1373x849

The Airpeak project came out in November 2020, but their images and information were not out. Aiming the market, Airpeak bought out some videos of the device in early 2021. It comes up with a quad-copter design having retractable landing gears and large camera housing. The Alpha camera is currently being used by the device. The drone was made to flew through the snow and was made to take photographs. Also, at high speeds, the drone can make use of capturing videos.

The CEO and company president Kenichiro Yoshida says that Airpeak drone is for adventurous creators. The Airpeak has two landing arms, four motors to get into action.

It is noted that Sony will find competition with Parrot, Skydio while being launched in the spring in terms of price point.

Advantages of Airpeak Drone

  • Precise.
  • Dynamic shooting or filming.
  • Stable flights.
  • Can be equipped with Alpha Mirrorless camera,
  • Good for robotic applications.
  • Can capture good videos at high speeds.
  • Use AI.
  • Better compatibility.
  • Smallest drone.

As the use of drones is nowadays increasing on-demand due to the presence of AI and robotic technology, we can expect Airpeak to come into the market at a reasonable price.

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