A new streaming service – Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is one of the new streaming services by ViacomCBS. They recently rebranded CBS All Access, the old streaming service to Paramount Plus. Competitors of Paramount Plus are Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney Plus. It is an improved service making it top with tons of programming from ViacomCBS universe and making it a home to MTV, CBS, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and BET. They tempt the viewers by hosting the original shows. And also, they show the movies within 30 to 45 days of their theatrical release. Paramount Plus has been launched on 4th March 2021 in the US and some parts of Latin America. The date at which Paramount Plus would be launched in Europe or UK has not yet been released.


Free trial and Paramount Plus Price

There are two subscription plans offered by Paramount Plus. One is the ad support plan having the cost of $5 per month and it also has access to 30,000 TV shows, live sports, 2500 movies, and Paramount Plus originals. While the Bargain Base plan is not made available until June 2021. On 4th March 2021, it came up with the $10 per month premium plan. Now a 7-day free trial option is also there, for its new subscribers.

Switching to Paramount Plus

Subscribers of CBS All Access is now wondering how to switch to Paramount Plus. No need to worry. Just take ParamountPlus.com or go to the play store and download the app of Paramount Plus. Subscribers of CBS All Access could make use of their login details in the Paramount Plus and use it in no time.

Devices Paramount Plus support

Here is the list of devices, that the Paramount Plus support.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • Xfinity
  • Vizio
  • Xbox Series X
  • Chromecast
  • Apple iPhone and iPad
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • PlayStation 4
  • LG Smart TVs
  • Roku
  • Xbox One


Paramount Plus showed movies like A Quiet Place 2 and Mission: Impossible 7 within 45 days after the theatre release. It also comes up with many live sports like PGA Tour and PGA Championship golf, NFL football, The Master's golf, college football, and NCAA Division Men's Basketball. Also, it offers shows in 4K HDR. Hopefully, in the next months, we could see a remarkable output from Paramount Plus.

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