Protecting Mobile apps from Sneaker Bots Protecting

Sneaker Bots or automated purchasing Bots have been causing troubles in the mobile business. As their namesake indicates, these bots… Read More

1 month ago

LG's PuriCare- LG is loading an air purifier mask powered through battery

LG has officially announced its latest product- the portable air purifier, the PuriCare wearable air purifiers. It holds replaceable filters… Read More

2 months ago

Facebook is launching Facebook News- the news section

Facebook has launched ‘Facebook News’ a new section exclusively to share local and global news.   The social media giant has… Read More

2 months ago

IBM powers US Open with the best digital experiences by Watson's NLP

The fans of the US open were disappointed about missing the match of 2020. Due to Corona, the match is… Read More

2 months ago

Important gadgets for 2020

2020 has come up with some useful gadgets that can help you carry out several tasks easily by fighting the… Read More

2 months ago

Gadgets for entrepreneurs to upgrade their lifestyle

Productivity is a trait that the entrepreneurs need from the very beginning to inculcate. What's more, being an entrepreneur, you… Read More

2 months ago

Google closes down Play Music By December

Google announced a four-month scheduled to shut down its Play Music website. The streaming service is expected to be sponsored… Read More

3 months ago

Vermont developers use smell in virtual reality to examine mental health.

Virtual reality, which lets you experience a computer-generated, three-dimensional world, is getting more advanced. A burlington start up, OVR (Olfactory… Read More

3 months ago

Google Builds New Internet Connection Underneath Sea for Faster Connections

Google will create a new underwater internet cable in an attempt to speed up connectivity and satisfy demand. The infrastructure… Read More

3 months ago

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